Java Rico

Java Rico beans are carefully selected and slow roasted in small batches to extract the rich flavors of these quality coffees. The blends are superior because of their full body, smooth taste, rich flavor and balance. These perfect blends and roasts were born in the tasting room with master craftsmen using skills developed over years of experience and tradition.


Available Blends

Capitol Blend: Our Premier blend of high mountain grown Arabica beans perfectly balanced with full body and a pleasant finish.

100% Colombian: Our 100% Colombian is a combination of hand-picked Supremo and Excelso beans blended to create a taste and aroma without the harsh or bitter taste.

100% Arabica: A Select Blend of 100% Arabica beans which are roasted to perfection to bring out their full, rich flavor and aroma.

The Versailles: French Bistro-style dark roasted blend which delivers exquisite aroma and taste appreciated by true coffee connoisseurs.

Gourmet Varietals: We offer a wide selection of blends from around the world, including the Americas, Africa and the Caribbean.

Premium Arabica Decaf: A delicious blend of Arabica beans ensures a flavorful cup of coffee every time, except without the caffeine.

Ultra Blend: A quality cup of coffee with a consistent body, taste and flavor at an economical price. Ultra blend is available in both regular and decaf.


Why Java Rico?

- Hand blended by our quality independent roaster.

- Complete variety of blends for all tastes and economic considerations.

- Specifically taste tested for the foodservice industry.


Coffee Equipment Program

The Java Rico Program features the proper equipment to meet your volume needs. The equipment is loaned and maintained by the Feesers Beverage Department. The Java Rico Program features Bunn Equipment, the leading manufacturer of coffee equipment.

Our Feesers Service Technicians are thoroughly trained on the equipment we provide.

Service is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

For more information, or to schedule a coffee tasting, please contact the Beverage Manager at 1-800-326-2828, Ext. 1780